Boom Shucka

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Boom Shucka Chenin is a groovy and fun wine grown by 7th generation winemaker Baptiste Antech-Gazeaux, son of winemaker Françoise Antech-Gazeau (Maison Antech Limoux – Clara Vie). 

May this crisp, oyster-craving Chenin Blanc inspire you to smile, dance, and play wherever you are enjoying wine, food, and friendship! Boom Shucka placement!


Wines from Maison Antech Limoux

Boom Shucka Chenin 

Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc
Aging: 5 months in stainless steel tanks on the less, direct pressure, cold maceration, and fermentation

Never known to be a shy grape, Chenin Blanc is lively and loveable. This wine bursts with aromatics of bountiful lime peel, Crenshaw melon, lychee, and golden apple. White flowers, ginger, and chalk whisper around the edges. A zing of citrus and kumquat moves effortlessly with waves of Bartlett pear, muskmelon, and almond. Layers of flavors to the finish – apple, pear, nuts, chalk, and even a touch of mint. 

Pair this gregarious wine year-round with a range of dishes: smoked salmon salad, sushi, pan-roasted monkfish, coq au vin blanc, roasted root vegetables, Xi’an or Sichuan cuisine, light charcuterie, aged chèvres, and mild blues such as Bleu des Causses or Point Reyes. 

Our favorite pairing idea is to mark the “r” months on your calendar and get set to Boom Shucka Chenin with as many types of oysters you can explore!

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