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In 2008, after 12 years working as a computer engineer, Laurent decided to live his passion for wine and environment by becoming a biodynamic winemaker. He then decided to move to the Loire region and fell in love with an old farm in the appellation Bourgueil; Vignobles Laurent Herlin was born. Laurent now works 14 acres of wines biodynamically on sandy, gravels, and clayish-chalky soils and has converted a large part of his farm into his cellars. His farming practice is now certified Demeter. Laurent harvests everything by hand in small cases with sorting at the vine and in the cellar and destemming his entire harvest. His production averages no more than 40hl/ha. He has the ultimate respect for nature and the environment. His buys recycled and light bottles, collects rain water, uses exclusively eco-friendly materials, etc. Laurent lives his convictions and passion and it shows…. from talking with him and his family, to drinking his phenomenal wines.

Wines from Vignoble Laurent Herlin

Vignoble Laurent Herlin Bourgueil Terre d’Adoption

Blend: 100% Cabernet Franc
Aging: 9 months in tanks

This 435-case production wine is full of charm and presence. It offers bright red fruit flavors complemented by aromas of peony, soft spices, and blackberry leaf. An enticingly gentle and velvety texture makes this wine a jovial and emphatic pleasure to drink. Enjoy with light fare, grilled meats, and soft cheeses, and with a very slight chill. Certified Biodynamic.

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