#BestEuroWines from JP Bourgeois

Biodynamic, Small Family Farms, Hand Crafted, Organic Wines from France and Spain. Mostly under $19 retail.

Every estates’ wines change from one year to another depending on the characteristics of the harvest, quality of wine making, even if is from the same producer and from the same terroir, each year’s batch is unique. Soil, weather, geology, varietals, and the style of wine making used, are all decisive yet variable factors that give each wine a unique character. I travel several times a year and visit every estate and try every wine I purchase. When you choose #besteurowines you choose the best taste and value for traditional small estate French and Spanish wines.

– JP Bourgeois

French Wines

JP-Bourgeois provides an unprecedented collection of brilliant organic, biodynamic and small family vineyards from the best wine producing regions of France. We specialize in wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, Loire Valley, Provence, Rhone Valley and the Southwest.


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Spanish Wines

No matter the cost or rarity, JP-Bourgeois provides a very specific selection of the #besteurowines. Our standards for selection is always taste and price and mostly includes organic, biodynamic small family vineyards produced in the  Spanish wine growing regions of Carinena and La Mancha.

Hand Crafted Wines

JP-Bourgeois selects the best French and Spanish handcrafted wines. Many of these family estates have been operating for hundreds of years. Jean-Philippe regularly travels throughout France and Spain discovering the unique flavors of Old World European winemaking tradition and bringing the #besteurowines to you.

Small Family Estates

We work with small and medium sized vineyards that produce small batches wine from a family-owned estates. You will be proud to serve each of our wines. By working with small, family-owned estates we are not just ensuring that the wine is fantastic, but we are working to protect a way of life that has been preserved through generations.


Many of our wines carry the EU Organic Certification and participate in Spanish and French ecological farming certification or practice methods. So many of our #besteurowines are produced on small family vineyards which have practiced natural farming without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers for centuries.

Under $15 Retail

No matter the cost or rarity, JP-Bourgeois provides a wide variety of organic, biodynamic small family vineyards in France and Spain and typically for under $15 retail. Because of the quality, taste and value we are committed to the #besteurowines standards.

Sustainably Farmed

JP-Bourgeois offers #besteurowines which never use synthetic fertizlers or pesticides. Most of our small family estates have the Biodynamic accreditation via DEMETER or BIODYVIN. Some of our estates approach biodynamic farming without certification rather steeped in the thousand year old tradition of natural wine making.

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