Domaine Armand David

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The Domaine Armand David family vineyard has been nurtured for 4 generations in one of the best wine-growing regions of France, that of Saumur.

In their family, they have been “swimming in wine” since birth. Francois and his brother Sebastien grew up following their dad around to tastings, in the vineyards, in the cellars and learn how to taste and make the wine since they could walk. During harvest the entire family got together and the kids, Francois and his brother Sebastien ran around, looked at everything, cut a few grapes, watch the press ran, etc. A lot of loyal customers were very happy and always noticed how rare it was to see 4 generations working together still at an estate. A true family affair Domaine Armand David is!

In the heart of their underground Tuffeau cellars they offer a wide range of table wines and appellations to taste and enjoy: Crémant de Loire, Saumur (Dry or Semi-Dry), Saumur (White and Red), Rosé De Loire, Cabernet d’Anjou, Coteaux de Saumur…

Since Sébastien’s arrival in 2012, the estate has grown to nearly 50 hectares. Chenin grapes are the most common. They are grown alongside Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes, which once harvested and vinified serve as the basis for the Prestige d’Armand… 

“We are the fourth generation! Our family continues to cultivate the land, the vines and the wine. We share with you this passion that was passed on to us by our parents, that was passed on to us by our grandparents, that was passed on to us by them… finally you understood.” – Famille David

Wines from Domaine Armand David


Siébrit, AOP Saumur Rouge

Blend: 100% Cabernet Franc

A very charming traditional Cabernet Franc: the Siebrit has a lovely freshness with notes of black cherries, blackcurrant jam and raspberries, followed by notes of tobacco, black pepper and a touch of dark chocolate. A great example of a light Cabernet Franc.

Serving Suggestion: Poultry, Veal, Red meat or Cheese 


L’Enchanteur, AOP Saumur Blanc

Blend: 100% Chenin

A great example of pure Chenin Blanc. The wine shows intense, fresh, white-fruit aromas such as pears, green apples and white peaches. As the wine opens, the initial attractive minerality becomes more robust and creamy giving it a lovely body and balance. 

This wine is perfect now but will continue to develop well over the next 3 years. 

Serving Suggestion: White meat, Fish, Scallops or Light Cheese

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