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Located on the eastern coast of Corsica, the base of Clementine was born, from Vermentinu vineyards nestled within a large pine forest. A true place of harmony between fauna and flora, this pine forest extends over 988 acres. Bordered by the banks of the Urbinu pond and by 2.2 miles of turquoise beach.

The forest offers many surprises to those who walk through it, between the pine trees and the typical maquis of the island of beauty, it is a real labyrinth of steep paths. Only one point of reference, the sun! A sensory experience where the sound of the waves and the cicadas, the sweet amber smell of the sun-warmed pines, the sand under your feet…


Wines from Clementine

Clementine, Corsican Wine Spritzer

Blend: Base of Vermentinu, sparkling water, and distilled clementine.

Terrior: Corsica Mediterranean Island, vineyard is next to the sea.

This premium wine spritzer is offered as a refreshing lighter alternative to the enjoyment of wine with added hydration, reduced calories and alcohol content. Only 1% sugar and 52 calories per serving!

Clementine captures the essence of Corsica’s eastern coast with a unique blend of white wine, clementines and bouquets from its coastal pine forest. This spritzer has gentle sweetness, hints of florals and citrus boasting very low alcohol, sugar, and calories. Its invigorating finish is ideal for sipping or mixing with cocktails.

Enjoy chilled with light fare for a refreshing taste of Corsica.

Clementine Tech Sheets:

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