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The estate was founded in 1781 at the foot of the Causse du Larzac, on the right bank of the Hérault. It takes its name from the Dourbie, a small river that runs through the vineyard and into the Hérault. After acquiring it in 2003, we invested in other plots, notably the exceptional Rouveyrolles valley and the Aspiran hillsides.

Our approach is based on authenticity, and a symbiosis with the terroir, the vines and the local producers. Driven by our attachment to the Hérault valley, we are also hungry for adventure and new experiences.

One vineyard, two terroirs.

La Dourbie is a vineyard and two terroirs in organic farming: 20 hectares around the estate and 12 hectares at an altitude of 300 metres in the Rouveyrolles valley, embraced by the garrigue and benefiting from a unique microclimate.

The Hérault Valley: We are committed to maintaining a close relationship with nature. The estate includes a century-old landscaped park, generously filled with flowers. The grassing of our plots is also an important source of organic matter, which plays a structuring and protective role. The installation of beehives near our vines also contributes to the quality of biodiversity.

The Rouveyrolles Valley: Here, the garrigue embraces the vines, and the lush essences of thyme, rosemary, wild lavender and juniper are laid down on the skin of our grapes. The Rouveyrolles valley benefits from a microclimate that favours optimal ripening, while the sudden evening coolness helps set the aromas of our Mala Coste and Intemporal cuvées.

Image Gallery

Wines from Domaine de la Dourbie

Domaine de la Dourbie, Intemporal Blanc

Blend: 100% Grenache Gris

A pale yellow color with a beautiful clarity. A powerful, dashing, chiselled nose offering wonderful freshness with fruity notes of green apple scattered with tiny springtime scrubland fowers (hawthorn, rock rose). A vivid palate with a touch of minerality underlining the finish. 

Domaine de la Dourbie, Intemporal Rouge

Blend: 100% Cinsault

A ruby color. A fine and complex nose on very ripe black and red fruits which reveals an elegant woodiness. Rich, ample in the mouth with chocolate and roasted notes. This wine is characterized by its beautiful balance and its length. The expression of our most beautiful / old Cinsault vine. 

Domaine de la Dourbie, Marius Rouge

Blend: 50% Cinsault, 25% Grenache, 25% Syrah

Garnet red with bright highlights. A delicate nose of red berries (morello cherry) and dark berries (blackcurrant). Clear, rounded, smooth tannins against beautiful, generous fresh fruit, giving way to a finish full of freshness. A well-balanced, velvety finish.

Domaine de la Dourbie, Oscar Blanc

Blend: 100% Terret Bourret

Crystalline yellow color, apple and pear notes characteristic of Terret Bourret and a citrus finish. This wine offers fresh flavours and an enjoyable liveliness. A pure Languedoc product!