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From far off in space, we observed your little blue and green planet, spinning around your great yellow sun at unimaginable speeds – well, at least they are unimaginable to you. And we realized that there was one special place on this planet with the perfect conditions to grow wine fit for the tastes of space: Stajerska, Slovenia.

Grapes as diverse as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and even the hard-to-pronounce ones (we’re looking at you, Žametna Črnina) thrive in the harsh environment of these rocky hills. Made entirely by … erm, hand… and treated with the highest degrees of technology and care, we have created three wines that truly give you the taste of the cosmos. Space juice, if you will.

And if you ever found yourself gazing up the sky and asking: do aliens make wine? Now, you have your answer.

Wines from Grape Abduction

Grape Abduction Company Orange

Blend: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling
Aging: 5 months in stainless steel

A light amber color with an aromatically rich nose of ripe golden apple, quince, sweet brown spice, and hints of honey. On the palate, the wine is round with flavors from the nose and a good minerality. The finish is smooth and lingering with highlighted notes of sweet brown spices.

Grape Abduction Company Rosé

Blend: Žametna Črnina
Aging: 5 months in stainless steel tanks

Darker pink color bursting with notes of ripe wild berries, wild strawberries, and a hint of violet. On the palate, the wine is round, fruity, with a refreshing acidity after the mid-palate that carries the red fruit aromas to a long and smooth finish. Enjoy on any hot day (or not), on any occasion, by itself or with light fare.

Grape Abduction Company White

Blend: Pinot Blanc, Yellow Muscat
Aging: 5 months in stainless steel tanks

A bright and refreshing nose with aromas of white flowers, citrus, white peach, and lychee. On the palate, the wine is crisp and vibrant, with refreshing aromas expressed on the nose. The finish is long with a nice acidity denoting lots of white fruit and another hint of lychee notes. A great wine for an aperitif, seafood, and shellfish.

Grape Abduction Company Red

Blend: 100% Blaufränkisch
Aging: 7 months in stainless steel tanks

A cosmic ruby red color with pungent aromas of blackberries, cranberries, soft dark spices, and warm currant notes. On the palate, this natural Blaufränkisch is pure, jammy, and lively with a very smooth mouth feel and a long, fruity and spicy finish. Serve slightly chilled, with grilled meats, hard cheeses, or light fare.

Grape Abduction Company Piquette Rosé

Blend: Žametna Črnina

Do you wonder sometimes what it would be like if you could had a few glasses of wine and still look great on your zoom meetings while working from home? Say no more; we got you covered with 7,0% alc. Piquette and its a Rosé on top of that, so you will look classy in your stay at home outfit.
We can not share our research with you cause the MAN from Area 51 says its TOP SECRET, so the only other option is to storm the Area 51…

Grape Abduction Company Piquette

Blend: Pinot Blanc

With recent encounters with yours newly established “space force” we had to take a new approach to drink space bubbles and stay classy and safe while operating a space craft. After a lot of testing, sampling maybe even some abducting of test subjects ( Area 51 seemed like the perfect spot ) we came out with a perfect solution which is 7,0 % alcohol Piquette.
A perfect balance for keeping you on the safe side after a glass or two, plus you will still look classy holding that glass of sparkling. Instead of fusion technology, light speed travel, knowledge about the edge of the universe… our gift is a low alcohol sparkling wine called PIQUETTE.

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