Mas de Janiny

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It was at the end of the 1980s that Thierry decided to settle down and take over the family business with the help of his father.

Very quickly Pascal and his brother, a teacher in a business school, decided to join them. Mas de Janiny was born from this union. The 260-acre estate transitioned to organic farming immediately. Preserving the terroir, the environment and health were their concerns, they are still significant concerns today.

The vines are located in the middle of the scrubland on clayey-limestone soil. Cultivation and treatments are done naturally, without weed killers, synthetic products, and chemical fertilizers.
The rooting of the vine is one of the winery’s objectives, in order to exploit the soil to the maximum: to achieve this, the way of driving, trellising, the contribution of natural compost, ploughing, any contribution to give the vine and the grape the qualities required to produce a great wine. With Mas de Janiny, there is no concern for yield, the vine only produces what it can feed in a perfect balance in harmony with the nature around it.

The wines produced on the estate are characterized by a very strong personality, deep and sustained color, a powerful and complex aromatic palate, as well as a very good and prolonged finish.

Winemaker: Xavier Julien

Wines from Mas de Janiny

C’est bien comme ça!

Blend: 60% Syrah, 40% Carignan

This wine is gourmand, well-structured, very pure, and fruity. The palate is round with juicy and candled dark fruit aromas and very soft tannins. An easy drinking red wine that will complement all your meals nicely. Serve at 58 degrees. 

C’est bien comme ça!

Blend: 60% Sauvignon Blanc, 40% Vermentino

This is very smooth and lively white wine that offers aromas of white flower, yellow apple, peach, and exotic fruits. Great for aperitifs and all your light summer and seafood dishes.

C’est bien comme ça!

Blend: 60% Cinsault, 40% Grenache

Eco-friendly winemaker Xavier Julien handcrafted this rich, fruity, and refreshing rose. It is with the highest respect of mother nature and the least amount of intervention in the cellar that he brings us “C’est Bien Comme Ca!”, meaning it is good just like this! 

Simple, nature’s shortest path from vines to bottle. Light pink hue, aromas of exotic fruits and pears, and a fruity and mineral mouthfeel. 

Mas de Janiny Tech Sheets:

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