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RÉSIDENCE is a range of French organic spirits developed by unique know-how from the Charentes region. We at RÉSIDENCE, believe there is an art of living to enjoy and appreciate time, life and what nature has to offer.

Why the rush…

Tam & Mat Leboeuf, Founders.


Residence Spirits have mastered the art of being slow. We take our time to cultivate, select, distill, and age our organic spirits. Embracing each step of the process putting quality before quantity. Through Residence, Mathieu & Tamiko wanted to allow the discovery of classic spirits with an authentic approach.

All the Residence Spirits are slowly distilled in the heart of the Charentes region in traditional Charentais Pot Still using nearly two centuries of craftsmanship expertise; By only selecting French organic ingredients we are aiming to highlight the best French “terroirs” all the while creating a complex and aromatic range of spirits.

Residence means ‘HOME’ – We make our own home. We have tried to reflect through our products our vision where HOME is perceived as a feeling, not a place, or a building, home is where your heart is. Our commitment is to offer a range of French organic spirits, made from the resources of our terroirs developed by a unique know-how of our local partners.

Wines from Residence Spirits

Residence Spirits Organic Gin

Eye: A crystalline color which can reveal a light veil at low temperature.

Nose: fruity, round, and spicy attack, followed by heart notes of fresh slightly resinous juniper berries, orange blossom, bergamot, and a touch of angelica root. The final notes of nutmeg, cloves and Timut pepper.

Palate: the attack is silky, warm, very rich. This is followed by a generous bouquet of candied oranges mixing citrus zest and delicate spices found on the nose with base notes and a hint of cinnamon. A superior taste that’s kind to the Earth!

Residence Spirits Organic Cognac

Eye: coppery with chocolate ref lections and a slight golden note.

Nose: aromas of dried apricots, grapefruit, a hint of bergamot, all structured by the particular tannin of French oak with fresh vanilla and toasted bread.

Palate: a complex attack and a beautiful vinosity; subtle hint of exotic fruit, plum, oak, without orgetting a delicate note of smoke at the end.

Aged for a minimum of 5 years in” Limousin” oak barrels fine and coarse grains in equal parts.

Residence Spirits Tech Sheets:

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