Clos Hirissou

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Nestled in southwest France, Gaillac is one of the oldest wine regions, with a rich winemaking history. Clos Hirissou, a distinguished winery, embodies this heritage.

For six generations, the Hirissou family has cultivated vines here. Nicolas Hirissou, the current owner, continues the tradition. The estate dates back to 1827 when Pierre Hirissou planted the first vines, and significant developments have taken place since then, including the establishment of a wine cellar in 1855 by Antoine Hirissou.

Dominique and Jean Paul Hirissou, the fifth generation, focused on quality, building a new wine cellar in 1995 and enhancing wine tourism. Since 2002, Nicolas Hirissou has aimed to create great wines, drawing inspiration from his passions, falconry, and Corsica.

About Nicolas Hirissou: It has been three centuries since the Hirissou family first utilized its vines. Since 2002, Nicolas Hirissou has led the domain with the conviction that he can make great wines in Gaillac. After studying viticulture and oenology and working in California, Nicolas took over the family estate. He reflects, “My greatest luck is to have always had a free map to draw the future of my domain. For 15 years I have been modeling, trying, succeeding, failing, with one goal: to make a great wine.”

Nicolas’s passion for winemaking is matched by his love for falconry and Corsica, which influence his approach to viticulture. He believes in harmonizing traditional methods with innovative techniques to produce wines of superior quality. Under his leadership, Clos Hirissou has continued to thrive, gaining recognition for its outstanding wines. He says, “My family and my two passions help me in this adventure. Falconry and Corsica are my two sources of inspiration: The search for polyphonic wine…”

The Hirissou family has always been at the heart of the winery’s success. Each generation has contributed to the growth and reputation of Clos Hirissou. Dominique and Jean Paul Hirissou, Nicolas’s predecessors, were known for their visionary approach, focusing on terroir and quality. They laid the foundation for the estate’s modern success, building a state-of-the-art wine cellar and prioritizing sustainable practices.

The Windmill in Florentin: Situated on a 200-meter hill, the village of Florentin offers scenic views and convenient access to Albi, Gaillac, and Toulouse. The vineyard, located 300 meters from the village, spans 11 hectares and includes 400 olive trees, all cultivated with organic farming practices.

The historic windmill, dating from the 17th century, just completed restoration with support from the Heritage Foundation. Plans include transforming it into an oil mill and organizing a festival around olive oil and wine, engaging the community and promoting cultural exchange.

Wines from Clos Hirissou

Clos Hirissou Pet-Nat Rosé

Blend: 95% Mauzac, 5% Petite Sirah

This sparkling pet nat rosé emanates lovely green apple aromas provided from the Mauzac and notes of white pepper thanks to the Petite Sirah, while hints of wild berries accentuate the delicate bubbles and bring lots of freshness to the palate.  

Pairs perfectly with desserts or enjoy as an elegant aperitif. Serve well chilled. 

Clos Hirissou Chenin

Blend: 100% Chenin

Beautiful golden bright color! This wine is super expressive and pleasant in the nose. It is very fruity, and floral in white fruit aromas (apricot, pear, peach and slightly honey). On the palate, it is lively, pleasant to drink and rich in white fruit notes always accompanied with the beautiful freshness at the end. We suggest you drink it at a young age in order to enjoy all its freshness and aromas. You can keep it in wine cellar until 5 or 6 years.

WINE & FOOD PAIRING : This wine can be served as an aperitif. It pairs perfectly with steamed fish, seafood platters, light cheeses and cold cut meat.

Clos Hirissou Petite Sirah

Blend: 100% Petite Sirah

Dark garnet or red ruby thick color, this wine is fruity, spicy and intense on the nose. It is rich in red and black fruit notes (blackcurrant, black raspberries, black cherry and blackberry). On the palate, it is complex, robust, spicy, licorice and develops aromas of ripe red and black fruits. The integrated acidity, the beautiful length in mouth and the beautiful fineness of tannins. A long lived wine in your wine cellar at least 5 to 10 years. 

WINE & FOOD PAIRING : This wine will pair perfectly with red meat, local specialties (duck with orange sauce, magret de canard, cassoulet), charcuterie, cheese and Asian specialties (Roasted duck, caramelized pork, chicken curry, etc.).  It will also be delicious as a table wine for your friend or family’s gathering.