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The legacy which the original 131 founding families from Villanueva de Alcardete consolidated in Bodegas Latúe, as the economic and social motor of the municipality, has been maintained from generation to generation, thanks to our effort, commitment and dedication.

Currently 450 families’ descendants of the founding members, represented by 630 associates with an average age of 55 years and an average estate size of 7 Hectares, constitute the soul of Bodegas Latúe.

Members and workers share work, effort and enthusiasm in the success of Bodegas Latúe, shaping a great family, the Latúe’s family.

RAW (Really Awesome Wine) began as San Isidro Cooperative in 1954. At that time 131 winegrowers were determined to produce wines to become commercialized over Spanish territories. Their commitment was demonstrated by maintaining regular attention to the vineyards and prioritizing product outcome with work needed regardless of the weather or geopolitical conditions. With the increased demand for their products, more than 50 years of experience and the growth of a great human team, in 2007 San Isidro implemented an “export” business model. This name represents the quality and environmental care that is a historical way of doing business with international companies.RAW is a point of reference in the wine sector. This is no small measure a direct result of its experience producing organic / ecological wines while exceeding the latest technical standards.

Wines from RAW

RAW White Blend

Blend: Verdejo, Airén, Sauvignon Blanc
Aging: 7 months in stainless steel tanks

RAW white’s blend of indigenous Spanish grapes and lovable Sauvignon Blanc gets right to the point of brisk, joyous refreshment. Pale yellow in color with the aromas of mineral and citrus that take on a light and fresh bouquet of peach, chalk, and orange blossom on the palate. Serve well-chilled and enjoy with friends around a table of tapas. Certified organic and vegan.

RAW Rosé

Blend: Secret of the winemaker
Aging: 5 months in stainless steel tanks

Rosé is already an incredibly versatile style of wine, but RAW Rosé upends any remaining limitations on what pink wine can do. By dialing up the intensity and body ever so slightly, RAW’s macerated strawberry, tender raspberry, and piquant pink grapefruit can handle hefty grilled steaks, pizzas, and even desserts without losing its hibiscus and herbal freshness. Certified organic and vegan.

RAW Red Blend

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Merlot

Aging: 6 to 8 months in stainless steel tanks

Deep purple in color with the aromas of dark fruit and spices on the nose. Cabernet Sauvignon’s richness is evident in the array of chocolate, spices, and dark fruit that explodes on the palate. Tempranillo’s ripe cherry serves as the juicy, thirst-quenching core. Merlot’s graceful texture makes it hard to put down the bottle. Serve slightly chilled and what could be a better pairing with friends around a table of tapas? Certified organic and vegan.

RAW Frizzante

Blend: 50% Airén, 50% Sauvignon Blanc, with 16g sugar added in the form of unfermented Muscat

Aging: 7 months in stainless steel tanks

The most fun you can have drinking wine, and with the handsome swing-top closure you can look good doing it, too. Pale yellow in color, with a greenish iridescence. Light and invigorating flavors of white fruit, fresh grapes, spring flowers, and a hint of tangerine, all brought to vivid life by a gentle fizz. Pop that top and serve chilled with tapas, seafood, risotto, or sushi. Certified organic and vegan.

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